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She's got game.

Cutters Soccer Club is a non-profit organization which seeks to create an environment in which every young soccer player can develop a passion for the game while fulfilling his/her potential as a player and a person. Mary Runnells initially learned about the game as a parent and is now in leadership with the Club.

Volunteer - Mary Runnells Early on she understood the importance of adequate playing fields, negotiating between Cutters and Monroe County Parks and Recreation for the development and maintenance of fields. Mary's dedication, expertise, and time have created a sustainable model for the Club's future development.

About 300 players participated in Cutters Academy Spring 2008. Mary's vision of soccer in this community has included an emphasis on getting more girls out on the field. With extensive service on the Greater Indiana Regional League of Soccer (GIRLS) Board of Directors, she has helped make the ideal of equal access a reality. Her involvement with GIRLS has helped make soccer available to the maximum number of Indiana girls at all levels of competition.

Mary's time commitment and the quality of her efforts make her an exceptional volunteer. From fundraising, to state association and local government meetings, to board, manager, coach, and team parent meetings: Mary is there. Her spirit of service is an inspiring support to everyone around her.

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