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VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Elad Stotland and Dr. Lauren Bowling of Bloomington Cat Hospital

Selflessly Serving for the Animals

Bloomington Cat Hospital's Dr. Elad Stotland and Dr. Lauren Bowling were nominated by Monroe County Humane Association's Sara Hayes for their contribution to MCHA's mission to lead, advocate and educate for animal welfare.

Volunteer - Cat Hospital "Since becoming involved, Dr. Stotland and Dr. Bowling have selflessly committed hours of their 'free' time to the MCHA and the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter," says Monroe County Humane Association director Sarah Hayes. "Their time has undoubtedly contributed to the growth of the MCHA, quality and effectiveness of our services, health of the animals at the Shelter and more."

After joining the MCHA Board in 2008, Dr. Stotland became proactive by making a generous financial contribution on behalf of the Bloomington Cat Hospital, and becoming a key player in the Walk for the Animals. Dr. Stotland is an asset to MCHA, serving as a vocal advocate for the MCHA and animal welfare, including being a co-sponsor of the annual MCHA Spay Day event. The Spay Day event provides cat spay-neuter services at a reduced cost to MCHA. This contribution by Dr. Stotland and the Bloomington Cat Hospital, allows MCHA to provide even more $5 surgeries to the community.

Volunteer - Cat Hospital2 Dr. Bowling is equally cherished for her selfless contributions like serving on two MCHA puppy mill rescue teams and leading Vet evaluations for hundreds of animals in dismal conditions. Dr. Bowling not only donated her time during these physically and emotionally draining raids, but has also served as an expert witness for testimony to the Indiana House of Representatives for the proposed legislation to reduce on puppy mills and animal cruelty in Indiana.

Both Dr. Stotland and Dr. Bowling provide vet services, free of charge, bimonthly at MCHA Low-cost Vaccination and Microchip Clinics. These services help hundreds of individuals and families have access to low-cost vaccinations for their pets. Stotland and Bowling also make weekly visits to the Shelter to evaluate and treat shelter animals, while teaching free training session to kennel staff to improve overall shelter animal health.

Volunteer - Cat Hospital3 Hayes says, "MCHA cannot think of two people more deserving of a pat on the back for going above and beyond while raising the bar for what it means to selflessly serve."

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