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An Outstanding Volunteer to the Rescue!

Shirley Scherschel has been a dedicated volunteer with Monroe County's American Red Cross since the year 2000. She joined as part of a mass training of volunteers at St. Johns Catholic Church. Since then, Shirley has been very active, helping coordinate planning, and setting up and running shelters in times of disasters. She joined the Emergency Services Committee, a group of volunteers from government and nonprofit partners who help shape the direction in which the department advances.

Volunteer - Shirley Scherschel During an emergency, the American Red Cross sets-up and runs shelters for those affected by the disaster in Monroe County. Tasks are divided so volunteers can specialize in specific areas. Shirley elected to learn how to manage a shelter to become active in the middle of the disaster, providing leadership for fellow volunteers. She was vital to the shelter opened February 2007 due to a set of ice storms, helping organize staff to ensure 24-hour coverage, and determining the layout of the shelter.

Another area active in immediate response to emergencies is DAT (Disaster Action Teams). These groups respond to emergencies 24/7. Shirley joined DAT early in her volunteer career, and has been assisting with house fires, providing clothing, food, and shelter during the first three days of emergencies ever since.

Shirley's experiences not only at the local level but also as a National responder has helped the chapter start new initiatives and provide better services to clients and volunteers. Shirley has responded to more than 100 local emergencies in the past 8 years and providing assistance to more than 200 individuals in their time of need.

The Monroe County Chapter has several exceptional volunteers who help change lives everyday. However, Shirley's selfless dedication sets her apart. Helping during fires, floods, wind storms, and tornado responses, Shirley is a vital, active member of Monroe County's American Red Cross.

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