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About the Sidewalk Committee

The Common Council Sidewalk Committee meets each year to recommend the best way to use appropriations from the City's Alternative Transportation Fund for the following year. Established in 1992, the Fund receives excess revenues from the Residential Neighborhood Parking Permit program and is dedicated to reducing our community's dependence on the automobile. The Committee has helped further this goal by primarily funding the design and construction of new sidewalks. Most of the sidewalks funded by Committee connect with existing pedestrian ways and are expected to be used by a significant number of residents.


Appointee Appointed By Term Expiration Date
Chris Sturbaum Common Council
Dorothy Granger Common Council
Dave Rollo Common Council
Marty Spechler Common Council

Staff support: Dan Sherman (Council Administrator/Attorney), Regina Moore (City Clerk), Jane Fleig (Utilities), Scott Robinson and Vince Caristo (Planning), Bob Woolford (Housing and Neighborhood Development) and Steve Cotter (Parks and Recreation).

Have a proposal for a sidewalk? Fill out the Committee's Sidewalk Feedback Form

2015 Sidewalk Committee -- Final Report (PDF 4.52 MB)

History of Sidewalk Committee Funding

Past Sidewalk Committee Reports