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City Announces Neighborhood Leadership Series

January 18, 2010

For more information, contact:
Vickie Provine, Program Director, Housing and Neighborhood Development, City of Bloomington, 349-3505
Danny Lopez, Communications Director, City of Bloomington, 349-CITY,

City Announces Neighborhood Leadership Series

Bloomington, IN - The City of Bloomington's Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) Department has introduced a new educational program called Neighborhood Leadership Series for emerging and current neighborhood leaders.

The program offers quarterly free classes to enhance leadership skills, to share best practices and to offer a point of contact from HAND. Encouraging strong leadership in Bloomington's neighborhoods is an important aspect of its mission, facilitating open communication channels as the City and neighbors work to preserve and enhance core areas in the community. Classes are open to the public, and all residents are invited to attend.

"It's important that residents have an understanding of how City programs and services impact their neighborhoods," said Vickie Provine, City Program Manager for HAND. "The Neighborhood Leadership Series was created to ensure an ongoing dialogue and build productive collaborations."

In conjunction with the City's Planning Department, the 2010 class offerings will explore the fundamentals of land use issues. Classes for the year include: "Leadership: Understanding Yourself and Others" - Thursday, Feb. 11

All classes will be held in the City Council Chambers, 401 N. Morton Street, from 7-9 p.m. For more information and to register online, visit or call Provine at 349-3505.