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High Risk Warrant Services

Shooting Range Training

High Risk Warrant services are a necessary fact of life within the law enforcement community. Court rulings which will directly impact exactly how these warrants should be served are unknown to many officers and as such they are often executed with no real thought as to the specific tactics which should be employed.

This course will teach the science of conducting a high risk warrant beginning with a detailed risk analysis of both the target location and the suspect which will be necessary to justify a forced entry. In addition, the possible legal ramifications of a forced entry into a dwelling will be covered in detail along with actual physical tactics that will be used during the service of these warrants.

This is a hands-on course that will have students planning and executing mock search and arrest warrants on multiple occasions using a variety of structures, all the while under the tutelage of experienced tactical officers.

Taught at the new state of the art City of Bloomington Public Safety Training Center by members of the Critical Incident Response Team, this course is designed to supply the student with instruction in each aspect of this crucial skill providing 24 hours of continuing education credit.

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For More information contact: Sgt. Mick Williams or 812-349-3329