The Transportation Planning Division provides short and long range transportation analysis and planning for the City of Bloomington. Staff reviews all current development petitions to ensure transportation needs are adequately met. They also assist with the development of corridor studies and roadway projects as well the City's alternative transportation network. Transportation related questions or comments can be directed to Planning Department staff at (812)349-3423 or

The Transportation Planning Division also serves as staff for the Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) . The MPO is an intergovernmental transportation policy group that manages transportation project funding for the Bloomington Urbanized Area. To learn more about the MPO, the planning activities of the MPO and how to get involved, visit the Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMCMPO) website or contact MPO staff at (812)349-3423 or

City of Bloomington Plans

Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation & Greenways System Plan (2008) (PDF 25.09 MB)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation and Greenways System Plan MAPS (PDF 11.24 MB)

Cascades Park Bicycle/Pedestrian Feasibility Study - Final Report (2007) (PDF 20.28 MB)

College Mall Pedestrian Accessibility Study (2008) (PDF 2.99 MB)

Jackson Creek Trail Master Plan (2003) (PDF 4.42 MB)

Master Thoroughfare Plan (excerpt from the 2002 Growth Policies Plan) (PDF 3.03 MB)

Rogers St. Corridor Context Sensitive Design Study (2007) (PDF 11.65 MB)

West Third St. Corridor Plan (1998-1999) (PDF 11.38 MB)

Bloomington/Monroe County MPO Plans

2030 Long Range Transportation Plan (PDF 8.46 MB)

2030 Long Range Transportation Plan Maps (PDF 1.66 MB)

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP): FY 2014-2017 - coming soon

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) 2013-2014 Amended (PDF 4.39 MB)

Coordinated Human Services-Public Transportation Plan (PDF 1.20 MB)

10th St. Extension and Modernization Study (2007) (PDF 10.78 MB)

Documents Clearinghouse

A more exhaustive list of transportation planning documents can be obtained from