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BEAD's Mission

The Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District seeks to bring the business and creative sectors together to advance commerce and culture, build community and spur economic development.

BEAD Defined

BEAD is a geographically defined, mixed-use cultural district capitalizing on local and regional assets that are specific to the cultural, economic and social issues of Bloomington. BEAD emphasizes the high concentration of creative assets and related activities to strengthen and enhance the overall economic development of the community.

BEAD provides a connective link to a variety of incentives, programs and grants to benefit its major stakeholder groups and users: the community, visitors, the creative, cultural and entertainment sectors and small business.

BEAD's Core Values

Create a place the safeguards, enhances and celebrates what is special about Bloomington - Keep Bloomington Bloomington!

Create a place that encourages engagement by community, visitors, small business and the creative, cultural and entertainment sectors - Get People Here.

Create a place that provides creative and economic growth opportunities for the creative, cultural and small business sectors and offers intrinstic value to community stakeholders - Keep People Here.

Executive Summary of BEAD Strategic Plan (PDF 24.96 KB)

BEAD Strategic Plan - Full Version (PDF 1.94 MB)