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Come see what BEAD has to offer: Forbes ranked Bloomington the sixth best place for business and careers in 2007. Affordable real estate, economic development incentives for entertainment and arts businesses, and a commitment to support creative industry and the work of individual artists make the District a great opportunity for those who want to live and work in a progressive and creative environment.

Incentives For Businesses and Artists

The City of Bloomington offers one-on-one assistance in working with businesses and artists that want to locate in BEAD. For additional information on specific incentives contact Miah Michaelsen, Assistant Economic Development Director for the Arts, City of Bloomington, 812.349.3534 or e-mail Miah Michaelsen.

Looking for grant information? Visit the City of Bloomington Arts Commission grants page for information on the Commission's grant program and other arts-related grants available through the City of Bloomington here.