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2010 Be More Award Recipients

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Be More Collaborative Award

BMA2010_BARC Bloomington Amateur Radio Club (BARC)

Red Eye Relay

The Bloomington Amateur Radio Club (BARC) is an exceptional group of diverse individuals who have given countless hours of support to many different organizations and events. With more than 100 members, BARC supports local events such as the Hilly Hundred, Indiana Science Olympiad, Hoosier Hills Bike Tour, Coach Hep Indiana Cancer Challenge, Red Eye Relay, Kids Day at the Wonderlab, and Hamfest celebrations in southern Indiana. They serve an important role in Monroe County's Emergency Communications Plan: working with ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) and RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) to prepare a volunteer emergency communications plan for Monroe County. The 2009 Red Eye Relay had 240 participants and 50 volunteers that relied on BARC's support. BARC members are always available for the duration of this extremely long overnight event (up to 18 hours) which raises funds for the local school systems, as well as Harmony School. Volunteering for such an extended period, BARC members demonstrate their passion for helping others.

Be More Involved Award

BMA2010_BrittneyPaulk Brittney Paulk

Groups Student Support Services & Residential Programs and Services Program

One could say that Brittney Paulk stands for "Busy Person," whose concern for others transcends her own being. She has thrived in the environment of IU and of the local community. By touching the lives of many students and volunteers, she has left a large footprint to fill as she graduates in May. During the summer following Brittney's freshman year, she was hired as the first Community Events Organizer to get the new Groups class involved in volunteerism. Sophomore year, she chaired the campus organization of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, drawing volunteers from the entire campus with the force of her interest and enthusiasm. During senior year she innovated "Adopt a Non-Profit" with the eleven (11) residence centers at IUB. More than one hundred (100) Groups students have volunteered together in these activities and more than 15 places benefited from Brittney's organizational skills in just 5 short weeks.

Be More Creative Award

BMA2010_BCBand Bloomington Community Band

Since 1978, the BCB has provided hundreds of free concerts for countless people in Monroe and surrounding counties. The concert venues in 2009 included civic events (e.g., Memorial Day and Fourth of July celebrations) and five concerts in three area retirement homes (Meadowood, Bell Trace, and Redbud Hills). Of the approximately sixty members of the BCB, six have been with the band since its beginning in 1978. That the band members collectively have devoted so much of their time and lives to this endeavor through the years is astounding. What may be even more surprising is that over 700 musicians have played with the band since 1978. Clearly, the BCB has provided and will continue to provide a valuable outlet for amateur musicians to develop their musical talents and to enjoy making music in their adult lives.

Be More Phenomenal Award

BMA2010_TaraDarcyHall Tara Darcy-Hall

Bloomington Area Birth Services

In January 2006, Tara Darcy-Hall and her husband Spencer Hall walked into one of the Bloomington Area Birth Services (BABS) childbirth classes. BABS gets a lot of sweet couples and didn't think much of it. Little did they know, Tara would become one of BABS' most effective Board members and President. Under Tara's watch, BABS' operating budget has grown from just over $6,000 to more than $300,000. In 2009, Tara led the BABS Board in their first annual fundraising gala, developing their skills at cultivating donors. Their efforts resulted in a 500% increase in overall contributions and fundraising income since 2007. Tara has helped to double the number of Board of Directors and to create a vision for BABS to continue to serve expectant parents and families by establishing a birth center. Tara has re-defined the role of Board President for BABS, providing clear leadership and the ability to assume a supporting role.

Be More Knowledgable Award

BMA2010_WonderLab The WonderLab Volunteer Team

WonderLab Museum of Science, Health & Technology

WonderLab is a case study of the power of volunteers. Last year 864 individuals donated more than 15,000 hours in many different capacities at WonderLab. These volunteers are passionate about what they do to contribute to the organization. The Wonderlab staff attests that the volunteers inspire and energize them. The volunteer team brings so many intangibles to the organization that they are recognized as the heart and soul of WonderLab. The face-to-face interaction of volunteer to visitor is essential to achieving WonderLab's goal of making science accessible and enjoyable to people of all ages. Quite simply, without volunteers WonderLab could not fulfill its mission.

Be More Energized Award

BMA2010_LilyKinder Lily Kinder

Best Buddies Indiana

A club member since 2007, Lily Kinder stepped up to the plate to lead the Bloomington High School North Best Buddies chapter in the summer of 2009. She has been matched with her Buddy Zach for the past three years and has exemplified the mission of Best Buddies, promoting social inclusion through one-to-one friendships between people with intellectual disabilities and people without disabilities. Not only does she lead the chapter, but she can usually be seen hanging out with Zach at the mall, bowling, or heading over to visit their former elementary school teachers. Lily has hopes to be a Special Education teacher. With her drive and passion for working with people with disabilities this will be an easily attainable goal for her.

Be More Sustainable Award

BMA2010_ArtWoodruff Art Woodruff, DVM

City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control

Since 2000, Dr. Art has been visiting the shelter on a weekly basis spending anywhere from one to two hours helping shelter animals who need him. While at the shelter, he examines animals, runs tests, makes diagnoses and prescribes treatments. He regularly sees 10 to 20 animals in one visit and is always patient and gentle with every animal he handles. Dr. Art donates his time to perform this service and greatly discounts his rates for the tests and supplies he provides to us. In addition to treating illnesses and injuries, Dr. Art has been an important partner in our transport programs. Every dog that leaves the state of Indiana on a transport program must travel with a health certificate issued by a veterinarian proving that they have passed a health exam and have a current rabies vaccination.

Be More Bloomington Award

BMA2010_DawnaPetersen Dawna Petersen

Middle Way House

For more than 20 years, Dawna Petersen has provided crisis intervention services for women and children experiencing violence with the Middle Way House. Dawna is one of the founding volunteers of On-Scene Advocates, a 24/7 (weekends, evenings and holidays) crisis intervention program. For OSA, she answers phone calls from people in a range of situations including: those seeking safety from an abusive relationship, those experiencing sexual violence, and those who have a friend or loved one that is being hurt in an intimate relationship. Her passion for ending domestic and sexual violence has been an inspiration to fellow volunteers as her actions continuously remind others of the power of a calming voice and determined spirit.

Be More Dedicated Award

BMA2010_Pedens Joe and Joyce Peden

Monroe County Children's Farm Festival

The Monroe County Children's Festival, more commonly referred to as the Peden Farm, has served the needs of thousands of grade school kids for nearly fifty (50) years. The grade school tours have continued through multiple generations of the Peden family. Joe and Joyce have dedicated their lives to farming and education in Monroe County. They continue to open their farm to children during the busiest time of the year, that being farming season. The Peden Farm experience is one of a kind in Monroe County utilizing over 275 volunteers every year to make it a success.