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Parking Ticket Appeals Process

Appeals Process

When an appellant submits an appeal, the citation in question is marked to show it is on appeal. This annotation prevents the appellant from being billed before a decision is reached. It also freezes the fine for the duration of the appeals process.

When the appeal is decided, the appellant will be informed by mail or email. The decision is final, and a violation may not be re-appealed.

Appeal Guidelines

The Office of the City Clerk uses the following guidelines to reach a decision:

Possible Appeal Outcomes


If your appeal has been granted, the parking citation was dismissed and there will be no further action required on your part. You will, whenever possible, receive written notification of the decision.


If your appeal has been denied, this means that the Parking Enforcement Office considers you responsible for the fine and expects you to pay the entire parking violation fine by the date listed on the notification of decision letter.