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City of Bloomington Original Documents

The City Clerk's office holds the records of the City of Bloomington from the time it was first formed into a town, in 1845. Through digitization we are able to offer these glimpses into the history of Bloomington to citizens.

The City Charter is indeed a wonderfully historic document, setting out the parameters of the Town of Bloomington in 1845.

Found in the same canvas cloth bound books in our library is the original map of the courthouse square. The streets were then called North Main, South Main, East Main and West Main Streets... we know them today by different names: Walnut, College, Kirkwood and Sixth Streets. The names surrounding the courthouse square were the names of the property owners at that time.

We hope you enjoy these documents!

View the original city charter here (PDF 3.25 MB).

View the original map of the city here (PDF 455.83 KB).