Established in 1971 by municipal ordinance, the Bloomington Environmental Commission (EC) is an advisory body composed of Bloomington citizens appointed by the Mayor and Common Council.


The mission of the Environmental Commission is to advise the City of Bloomington on how its actions and policies may preserve and enhance the quality of Bloomington's environment, including the life-supporting processes that natural ecological systems provide to humans and other organisms.

The EC actively participates in the city planning process; researches and reports on environmental topics; develops educational outreach activities and materials; responds to inquiries from residents; and coordinates with other municipal boards and commissions and other organizations on issues of mutual interest.

Reports and Resources

Bloomington Environmental Quality Indicators (BEQI) Report: Learn about trends affecting the local environment in the BEQI Report, the EC's main environmental monitoring initiative.

Green Building Methods: Green building methods help create happier, healthier, more sustainable communities.

Releases of toxic substances in Bloomington are described in the 2011 Toxics Report (PDF 1.92 MB) and in the accompanying appendix of oversized tables.

Other environmental topics in Bloomington:

Contact Us!

For more information concerning the Environmental Commission, its programs, or activities, please please call the Planning Department at (812) 349-3423 or address your inquiries to

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Appointee Appointed by: Term Expiration Date: E-Mail:
Carrie Albright
Common Council 1/31/2014 Contact Carrie
Andrew Carty
Common Council 1/31/2016 Contact Andy

Norm Crampton

Common Council 1/31/2016 Contact Norm

Sean Gorman (Vice Chair)

Common Council 1/31/2014 Contact Sean
Chaim Julian, (Secretary/Treasurer) Mayor
1/31/2016 Contact Chaim
Diane Jung Mayor 1/31/2016 Contact Diane
Kriste Lindberg Mayor 1/31/2015 Contact Kriste
Michael Litwin Mayor 1/31/2015 Contact Michael
Carissa Moncavage (Chair) Common Council 1/31/2014 Contact Carissa

Deborah Myerson

Mayor 1/31/2016 Contact Deborah
Mayor 1/31/2016 N/A
Dedaimia Whitney
Common Council 1/31/2014 Contact Dedaimia