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Winter Backyard Birding

Winter can be a great time for backyard bird watching. Learn about the easy ways to attract birds to your yard and how to identify avian visitors. Backyard bird observations can be submitted to the Great Backyard Bird Count, a global effort to document bird distribution and abundance. Participants will have the opportunity to create and take home simple feeders made from recyclables. For all ages. Instructor: Anna Rossler

Sa 2/7 · 11 a.m.-noon · Register by 1/30 (Code 14006-A)
$7/in-city, $8/non-city

Lower Cascades Park

Winter Woods Tree ID

Don't let a lack of leaves keep you from identifying the trees on your next hike. Learn how bark, branches, and buds hold the keys to unlocking the names of trees in the winter woods. Dress warmly and be prepared for a moderate hike. For all ages. Instructor: Derek Greene

Sa 2/21 · 1-2 p.m. · Register by 2/18 (Code 14002-A)
$5/in-city, $6/non-city

Winslow Woods Park, Playground Shelter

Maple Syrup Made Easy

A maple tree is all it takes to experience the sweetness of homemade maple syrup. During this hands-on workshop, discuss tree identification, equipment, collection, and sugaring techniques, and learn the history of maple syrup and sugar. Take-home instructions are supplied, along with a taste of the final product in multiple forms. This class is held outdoors, so please dress accordingly. For all ages. Instructor: Elizabeth Tompkins

Sa 2/28 · 10:30 a.m.-noon · Register by 2/17 (Code 14010-A)
$6/in-city, $7/non-city

RCA Community Park

Geodes Unearthed

Uncover the wonder of the popular and peculiar geological formations known as geodes on this hike along the trails at Griffy Lake Nature Preserve. Each participant will receive their own geode, and will have the opportunity to crack it open at the end of the program. Waterproof footwear is encouraged. For all ages. Instructor: Elizabeth Tompkins

Sa 3/14 · 1-2:30 p.m. · Register by 3/11 (Code 14001-A)
$7/in-city, $8/non-city

Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Indiana Frog and Toad Survey

As amphibian populations decline worldwide, long-term monitoring is critical to understanding and protecting these species. Become a citizen scientist by joining in a local frog and toad monitoring survey. Participants will learn the calls of Indiana's frogs and toads and then become part of a walking survey of the area. Data gathered will be used by Indiana's Amphibian Monitoring program. For all ages. Instructor: Anna Rossler

F 3/27 · 8:30-9:30 p.m. · Register by 3/20 (Code 14007-A)
$6/in-city, $7/non-city

Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Night Paddle

Experience an evening of peace and serenity on Griffy Lake during the full moon. Navigate the lake, take in deep breaths of fresh air and watch the night sky light up the water. Registration is required. Watercraft, paddles, and life jackets are provided. Children under age 14 yrs. must be accompanied by a registered adult. Bring a flashlight to help you navigate back to your vehicle once you return to dry land. For all ages.

Sa 4/4 · 8-9:30 p.m. · Register by 4/2 (Code 14011-A)
$7/in-city, $8/non-city

Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Lil' Pups Coyote Program

In the spring, coyotes will begin to have their pups. Bring your own human "pups" to learn about these amazing animals. Kids can find their territory based on scent, try their luck at catching coyote prey, and create a coyote mask. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Cost is per child. For all ages. Instructor: Anna Rossler

Sa 4/11 · 11 a.m.-noon · Register by 4/6 (Code 14008-A)
$4/in-city, $5/non-city

Bryan Park, Woodlawn Shelter