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Eco Outpost

Now open at the Griffy Lake boathouse, the Eco Outpost is a hands-on place to discover nature. Bring in natural objects like pine cones and fossils, and the Eco Outpost staff will help you learn more about them. You can also trade in your nature-related objects for new ones from the Eco Outpost collection on display. Visit the boathouse for more information. The boathouse is open weekends in April, and daily beginning May 1. For all ages.

Daily, 5/1-10/25 · 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Harvesting Wild Nuts

Indiana forests are full of flavorful and nutritious nuts that are rarely seen at grocery stores. Learn how to identify, harvest, and prepare acorns, black walnuts, beech nuts, and hickory nuts. Samples of the nuts for tasting are provided. Instructor: Derek Greene

Sa 9/27 · 4-5 p.m. · Register by 9/24 (Code 94008-A)
$4/in-city, $5/non-city · For all ages!
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Tracks, Scat, and Animal Signs

Is that a track from a coyote or a bobcat? Could this be from a raccoon or a skunk? We often learn about animals by discovering what they leave behind. Learn to identify different signs Indiana animals create. At the end of the program each participant can create their own plaster cast of an animal track. Instructor: Anna Rossler

Sa 10/4 · 10-11 a.m. · Register by 10/1 (Code 94011-A)
$8/in-city, $10/non-city · For all ages!
Leonard Springs Nature Park

Night Paddle

Experience an evening of peace and serenity on Griffy Lake during the full moon. Navigate the lake, take in deep breaths of fresh air, watch the night sky fill up with stars and light up the water. Registration is required. Watercraft, paddles, and life jackets are provided. Children under 14 years must be accompanied by a registered adult. Bring a flashlight to help you navigate back to your vehicle once you return to dry land.

W 10/8 · 7-8:30 p.m. · Register by 10/7 (Code 94009-A)
$7/in-city, $8/non-city · For all ages!
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Go Fly a Kite

Is there an easy activity the whole family can do together and is fun for young and old alike? The answer is blowing in the wind. Learn the secrets to kite flying, build a simple kite out of household materials, and then send your new kite aloft. Price is per kite. Instructor: Derek Greene

Sa 10/11 · 1-2 p.m. · Register by 10/3 (Code 94007-A)
$8/in-city, $10/non-city · For ages 10 yrs. and up.
Olcott Park, Young Pavilion

Canoe Scavenger Hunt

Learn the art of using a compass to find your share of the "treasure" scattered along the shores of Griffy Lake! Traverse the lake via canoe following the clues on a treasure map - but beware of pirates and creatures of the deep! Chidlren under age 14 yrs. must be accompanied by a registered adult. Instructor: Elizabeth Tompkins

Sa 10/18 · 3-4:30 p.m. · Register by 10/10 (Code 94003-A)
$6/in-city, $7/non-city · For all ages!
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Fall Leaf T-Shirt Stamping

Take a short hike around the park to gather autumn leaves and learn about the trees they have fallen from, then create a leaf print T-shirt using the collected leaves as stamps. T-shirts and paints are provided. Cost is per shirt. Instructor: Anna Rossler

Sa 10/18 · 2-3 p.m. · Register by 10/13 (Code 94005-A)
$10/in-city, $12/non-city · For all ages!
Lower Cascades Park

Survival Guide for the Zombie Apocalypse

If the CDC and the Pentagon have a plan for a zombie attack, shouldn't you? Learn basic preparedness and survival skills that can help you overcome an onslaught of the living dead (as well as many other emergency situations). Before leaving for home, you will put all you have learned to the test by attempting to survive a zombie-laden obstacle course. Instructor: Derek Greene

F 10/24 · 7-8 p.m. · Register by 10/17 (Code 94010-A)
$10/in-city, $12/non-city · For ages 10 yrs. and up.
RCA Community Park, Large Shelter

Night Hike

Bring a flashlight, although we won't be using it much. We'll learn to identify things that hop, call, creep, and scurry using senses other than sight. We'll hike the 1.5-mile trail at Griffy Lake and explore our nocturnal natural world.

Sa 10/25 · 3-4:30 p.m. · Register by 10/22 (Code 94013-A)
$4/in-city, $5/non-city · For ages 12 yrs. and up.
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Birding for Beginners

Indiana is part of a key bird migration route. During migration the waters around Bloomington serve as a stopover for thousands of waterfowl. Come for a morning of bird watching on Stillwater Marsh at North Fork State Wildlife Refuge. Beginning birders are welcome as several spotting scopes will be available and bird identification will be discussed. Meet at Stillwater Marsh. Directions provided upon registration. Instructor: Anna Rossler

Sa 11/1 · 9-10 a.m. · Register by 10/29 (Code 94006-A)
$4/in-city, $5/non-city ·
For ages 12 yrs. and up.
Stillwater Marsh, Lake Monroe

Asleep Under the Snow

Have you ever wondered where animals like chipmunks and frogs go during the winter? Bring your favorite stuffed animal and learn, through creative play, all about the different ways animals hibernate. Cost is per child. Instructor: Derek Greene

Sa 11/8 · 10-11 a.m. · Register by 11/5 (Code 94001-A)
$4/in-city, $5/non-city · For ages 2-5 yrs.
Banneker Community Center

Crafting Grapevine Wreaths

With just a few simple tools and techniques you can turn grapevines into attractive, lightweight wreaths. Experience the entire process from identifying and collecting wild grapevine to crafting a small wreath that is yours to keep. All necessary tools and materials are provided. Instructor: Derek Greene

Sa 11/22 · 1-2:30 p.m. · Register by 11/14 (Code 94004-A)
$8/in-city, $10/non-city ·
For ages 10 yrs. and up.
Winslow Woods, Playground Shelter