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City and Bloomington Pedal Power Partner on Recycling Initiative

March 30, 2011

For more information, please contact:
Jared Schlemmer, Communications Director, City of Bloomington, 349.3406,

Bloomington, IN - Mayor Mark Kruzan today announced that the City of Bloomington, locally owned business Pedal Power and the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District are establishing a Downtown Recycling Center for drop-off recyclables.

The City is making 19 parking spaces in its lot behind City Hall available for the one-year pilot project.

The drop-off site will be operated by Pedal Power. Kruzan said the goal of the project is to make it convenient for pedestrians, cyclists and residents dropping off recyclables using non-commercial passenger vehicles.

"Bloomington is already a leader in promoting recycling, and this plan is further commitment to the cause of encouraging a reduction in our waste stream," said Kruzan. "I'm thrilled that everyone involved is dedicated to keeping this service free to the public."

Kruzan said the City's 19 parking spaces will hold four roll-off containers provided and serviced by the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District. Pedal Power will manage the site for cleanliness and general operations. Container drop-off and pick up will occur from 10th Street.

"Each time I explain the idea to people in all walks of life, their enthusiasm and positive response to the idea is encouraging," said Pedal Power owner Chad Roeder.

Roeder is managing the site at no cost to taxpayers with his only compensation proceeds from the sale of recyclables. Middle Way House will receive 10% of the profits from cardboard resale, in perpetuity. "This is a way that our consumerism can have a direct benefit to the community," said Roeder.

"I'm very pleased we have been able to bring the private and public sector together to provide a highly sought after service," said Kruzan. "There's an added bonus that we're empowering a locally owned and operated small business to expand."

The Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) will both have to approve the recycling center. Kruzan said both groups approved Pedal Power's indoor facility on Fairview Avenue. "Both panels and city government support Chad's business model and strongly support downtown recycling service, in general, so I'm confident in further approvals by the Plan Commission and BZA."

A final proposal will need to be filed by April 12, putting it on the May 9 Plan Commission and May 26 BZA agendas.