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2011 Be More Award Recipients

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Be More Collaborative Award (Group or Family)

Be More 2011 - BSO Bloomington Symphony Orchestra

For 41 years the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has promoted lifelong appreciation for music. Now, their Children's Instrument Recovery Program (CHIRP) makes reconditioned used instruments available for children so they can fully participate in and enjoy school music programs. Watch Video

Be More Involved Award (College Student)

Be More 2011 - PiKappaPhi Pi Kappa Phi, IU Bloomington Chapter

Stone Belt

While it would be easy to focus exclusively on academic and social pursuits, the men of Pi Kappa Phi have also demonstrated their commitment to helping individuals with disabilities fully participate in the life of the community. The enthusiasm and sincere enjoyment the members bring to their interactions with the clients of Stone Belt is infectious. Watch Video

Be More Sustainable Award (Animal/Environmental)

CBVN - Be More 2011 - Bobbi Boos Bobbi Boos

Local Growers Guild

Bobbi Boos is dedicated to a more sustainable and more localized food community. A founding member of the Local Growers Guild, Bobbi served as a board member, treasurer, office manager, and an advocate for local food for more than five years. Watch Video

Be More Phenomenal Award (Board Service)

Be More 2011 - Jo Gilbertson2 Jo Gilbertson

Citizen Advocacy of South-Central Indiana, Inc

Jo Gilbertson has been a board officer of Citizen Advocacy of South-Central Indiana (CASCI) since its inception eleven years ago. She is passionate about matching people with disabilities with other community members for friendship and advocacy. Watch Video

Be More Creative Award (Arts and Culture)

Be More 2011 - Jim Hettmer Jim Hettmer

Bloomington Playwrights Project

Jim Hettner continues to go above and beyond, day in and day out, exceeding all expectations along the way so much that the Bloomington Playwrights Project staff invented a word just for him: Devoteer! Watch Video

Be More Energized (Youth)

Be More 2011 - Lauren Means Lauren Means

The Villages

Lauren serves children at The Villages, collects donations for the "Walk for the Animals," and engages children in activities at WonderLab each week. Through self-initiated projects, Lauren shows how kids can make a difference in their community. Watch Video

Be More Knowledgeable Award (Education and Literacy)

Be More 2011 - VITAL VITAL Program Volunteers

VITAL (Volunteers in Tutoring Adult Learners) at Monroe County Public Library

VITAL tutors provide free confidential tutoring for adults in our community who need to improve their reading, writing, math, or English language skills. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the ability to read a thousand words transforms lives. Watch Video

Be More Bloomington Award (General)

Be More 2011 - JimBeeson Jim Beeson

First Christian Church

Jim Beeson has a heart for those in poverty. Seven days a week, Jim works for those suffering from poverty through First Christian Church, Hoosier Hills Food Bank, and Circles. Jim is an amazing man who models servant leadership. Watch Video

Be More Bloomington (General)

CBVN - Be More 2011 - BHM Committee City of Bloomington Black History Month Steering Committee

City of Bloomington (Safe and Civil City Program)

For 8 years, the City of Bloomington Black History Month Steering Committee has worked to implement programs that increase awareness about the contributions of African-Americans. Highlights of 2011's programming included the Kick-off Tribute to Montford Point Marines and the Black History Month Gala. Watch Video

Be More Dedicated (Lifetime)

Be More 2011 - Henry Upper Henry Upper

Stone Belt and First United Methodist Church

Henry has truly given a lifetime of service and leadership to the community of Bloomington. Through his efforts with Stone Belt, First United Methodist Church (and by extension Shalom Center, the Interfaith Winter Shelter, and Habitat for Humanity) and the Friends of Music, he has touched and impacted thousands upon thousands of lives. Henry has made our community more vibrant, accessible, nurturing, welcoming, supportive, inclusive and beautiful through his kindness, compassion, generosity, and vision. Watch Video