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GIS stands for Geographic Information System. GIS is a technology that combines the graphic characteristics of features in the world (Map) with detailed information about those features (Attributes) forming a database referenced to geographic location (Spatial Database). The City uses GIS as a tool to visualize information and integrate a wide variety of data to assist with planning activities, problem solving, and decision making. To learn more about GIS, view the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Poster on GIS.

The City of Bloomington GIS staff is part of the Information and Technology Services Department. The GIS team is responsible for

Public GIS Services

GIS products and services are also made available to the public.

The GIS Group Offices are located in the Information & Technology Services (ITS) Department, Suite 160 in City Hall at the Showers Building, 401 N Morton Street. (Get Directions to City Hall)

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