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The Tree Commission met on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. at the Rose Hill Cemetery office.

Present: Debra Beck, Tom Coleman, Laurel Cornell, George Hegeman, ex-officio Diane Jung, Lee Huss, visitor Roy Aten (City of Bloomington Engineering Department)

The next meeting is Wednesday, June 15 at 9:30 a.m. at a different location, the North Shelter in Bryan Park.

Minutes by Laurel Cornell.

  1. Roy Aten, from City Engineering, presented a proposal to remove a healthy tulip poplar from the corner of Second and Park Streets in order to accommodate ADA sidewalk repairs at that location. a new tree will be planted further east in the same block on Second Street. The TC approved this removal.
  2. The TC had a long discussion of Lee's desire to remove four ash trees from the east side of hte parking lot at Butler Park. These ash trees shade the greenhouse which has just been constructed and the community garden which Mother Hubbard's Cupboard is beginning to develop this year next to the parking lot. The tres are not valuable because they are ashes that will be removed as EAB spreads. This is another instance where people wish to remove trees which shade gardens of annual plants. The TC has opposed this sacrifice of long-term investments in favor of short-term ones in the past, in relation to homeowner requests. Given that policy, it is not going to favor it when the petitioner is the City! The TC asks the City to explain how the garden came to be located in this shady location. Given that both the garden and the greenhouse are at the earliest stage of development it suggests that the City ask the gardeners to move the garden and the greenhouse to a sunnier location several yards away.
  3. Lee reports that planting is going well. One hundred twenty five trees have been planted an, by June 10, an additional 70 or so will be planted. Tre removals are taking place in areas north and west of hte IU campusnow that the semester is finished. After June 10 pruning will begin. Lee participated in anumber of successful activities: the Garden Show at the Armory; an Arbor Day program at IU, which planted 20 tres near the Alumni Center; a field day with Burney's class; TreeFest at Binford Elementary, where hundreds of seedlings were planted. Lee has five tree grates to be installed downtown; at the Gables on Indiana Avenue; at Sixth and College; at Fourth and College; and at two locations to be determined. Several columnar gingkoes were saved from the project on Atwater; the redesign of the Third Street median is proceeding; many trees are being planted in conjunction with the B-Line Trail construction west of Rogers Street to Adams.
  4. TC members asked about how the large oak which was at Eighth and College will be replaced. It is the responsibility of the developer via the Plan Commission.

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.