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The "Contractors" section of the Utilities website provides quick access to a variety of items relevant to developers and commercial utility users.

IDEM Permit Guide

Underground Utilities Locator

Construction Specifications (PDF 3.28 MB) (updated January 2017)

IN Admin Code on Wastewater Constr and Permits (PDF 239.54 KB)

Forms for Contractors

Sign up for Commercial Service (PDF 120.23 KB)

Discontinue Utilities Service (PDF 21.46 KB)

Application for New Water/Sewer Connection Residential (PDF 56.32 KB)

Application for New Water/Sewer Connection Commercial (PDF 56.05 KB)

Application for Extension of Utilities Service (PDF 68.57 KB)

Sign up for Automatic Withdrawal (PDF 164.63 KB)

Bid/Quote Opportunities

A/E Consultants

Information in Contractors & Builders