Adopt-a-Trail Adopted and Adoptable Trails

Last updated May 2015.

Questions about the status of adopted and adoptable trails listed below? Contact Kim Ecenbarger at

Park or Trail
Trail Name & Length Adopter
B-Line Trail 3.1 miles
Section 1 - Sarah Hazelbaker
Section 2 - AVAILABLE SUMMER 2015
Bloomington Rail Trail
2 miles
Section 1 - Libby Gwynn
Section 2 - Libby Gwynn
Section 3 - Marlene Gillen
Bryan Park
Fitness Loop
.8 mile
Bryan Park Streamside Trail
.25 mile
Building Trades Park
Loop Trail
.8 mile
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington
Rev. Ernest D. Butler Park
Ninth Street Loop
.4 mile
Indiana Univeristy TRIP Lab, Cara Lewis
Lower Cascades Park Overlook Trail
.2 mile + or -
Sycamore Book Club
Clear Creek Trail

Tapp Rd.-Rockport Rd.
Rockport Road to That Road
That Rd.-Church Ln.

Section 1 - (AVAILABLE SUMMER 2015)
Section 2 - Elizabeth Brown
Section 3 - Marlene Gillen
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve
Griffy Creek Trail
1.5 miles
Nancy Rankin
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Hiking Trail
1.6 miles
Nicholas Herron
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Lanam Trail
1.1 miles
Will Drews
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Nature Trail
.4 mile
Christy Olson
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Wetlands Trail
.5 mile
Evan Munn
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve North Shore Trail East Loop
1.5 mile
National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi, IU Bloomington
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve North Shore Trail Middle
Boy Scout Troop 110, Unionville
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve North Shore Trail West Loop
1 mile
Fred Hanson
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Browncliff (Blue Loop Trail)
Bloomington High School North Young Democrats Club, Mia Siffin
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Yellow, Red (Meadowood), and Green Loop Trails
Meadowood, Michael Bird
Jackson Creek Trail
.7 mile
Junior Girl Scout Troop #69273
Latimer Woods
Nature Trail
.38 mile
David Nord
Leonard Springs Nature Park
Leonard Springs Trail
1.1 miles
Scott Burgins and Hannah Murray
Zach Harms
Miller-Showers Park
Clean Water Path
.6 mile
Richard McDaniel
Olcott Park
Olcott Park Loop Trail
.5 mile
Park Ridge Park
Polly Grimshaw Trail
(Park Ridge Park Bike Trail)
.7 mile
RCA Community Park
RCA Trail
.74 mile
College Internship Program
RCA Community Park Early History Trail
.7 mile
College Internship Program
Southeast Connecting Trail
Connecting Path
.1 mile
Nancy Jacobs
Twin Lakes Sports Park
Wooded Path East, West and Loop .6 mile
Emerson Lawrence
Wapehani Mountain Bike Park
Wapehani Mountain Bike Trail
5 miles
North Shore - Allen Edwards, Bloomingfools Hash House Harriers
South Shore - Roger Goetz
Winslow Sports Complex
Fitness Trail
1.2 miles
Ashley Watkins
Winslow Woods Park
Nature Trail
.74 mile
David Galuska