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City of Bloomington Graffiti Eradication Program

BGC Graffiti Clean up The City of Bloomington takes the position that the existence of graffiti is detrimental to property values and adversely affects quality of life and community attractiveness. When graffiti is allowed to remain, it invites more graffiti and may lead to an increase in vandalism and other criminal activity. Rapid removal is considered key to controlling and eradicating graffiti.

A joint effort by the City of Bloomington, its residents, businesses and other agencies as outlined in the goals below will help to eradicate graffiti in our community.


The Plan: To achieve these goals the City has developed a plan which includes three integral parts: reporting, removal and education.

Reporting graffiti helps the Bloomington Police Department identify and track images for potential arrest and conviction of vandals. The Safe and Civil Hotline and the online graffiti reporting form available at allows residents to report graffiti 24 hours/day - 7 days/ week. When reporting graffiti online, residents can upload a photograph of the graffiti which could ultimately lead to the arrest and conviction of persons committing graffiti vandalism.

The Safe and Civil City hotline has recently been upgraded to allow an option for callers reporting graffiti vandalism to be connected directly to the Bloomington Police Department. When the police receive these calls, an officer is dispatched to file a report. Online reporting forms are directed to both the Police Department for dispatch and to the Safe and Civil City office for monitoring purposes.

Call 911 to report graffiti vandalism in progress.

Property owners are encouraged to remove graffiti as soon as it appears. The City of Bloomington website ( contains information and suggestions for traditional and environmentally friendly graffiti removal from a variety of surfaces.

Downtown Graffiti Removal Pilot Program:

Beginning in July, 2011 - downtown graffiti will be removed by a team of two City of Bloomington employees. The Downtown Graffiti Removal Pilot Program will encompass a designated area within the north/south boundary of 9th and 3rd Streets and the east/west boundary of Indiana Avenue and the B-Line Trail. Graffiti removal specialists will use a combination of pressure washing and painting to repair downtown structures affected by graffiti vandalism. The pilot program will conclude in November, 2011.

City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation staff clean graffiti on City property within 24-48 hours after it is sighted. Graffiti removal specialists remove graffiti on public and private property within the boundaries of the Downtown Graffiti Removal Pilot Program.

When graffiti is reported on residential rental property, the Housing and Neighborhood Development Department will contact the property owner and request that graffiti be removed.

The Police Department identifies and tracks graffiti tags/images for potential arrest and conviction of vandals.

The City of Bloomington website contains information and suggestions for traditional and environmentally friendly graffiti removal from a variety of surfaces. Rapid and repeated removal has been shown to be the best way to control graffiti.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Community Justice and Mediation Center are involved in victim-offender reconciliation efforts for persons convicted of graffiti vandalism. They bring together graffiti vandals and property owners so that each may better understand their impact on the other and to find ways to co-exist.

The Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington began a graffiti clean-up program during its summer, 2011 program in which teens in the program clean graffiti in Peoples and 3rd Street Parks and along Kirkwood twice a month. The Safe and Civil City Director met with teens to talk about how graffiti impacts the community. Teens and BGC staff were trained by City Parks and Recreation staff and supplied with graffiti removal supplies. The Club intends to expand the program into the fall program and incorporate it as a part of their art program. When receiving permission from property owners to remove graffiti from private property within the boundaries of the Downtown Graffiti Removal Pilot Program, City graffiti removal specialists also inquire about the potential to have a mural or some other form of artwork created on their walls. Those property owners who are interested in the possibility of a mural are put in touch with the Boys and Girls Club staff to develop the project.

Important Telephone Numbers:

Bloomington Parks & Recreation (812) 349-3700

(City parks, cemeteries, etc)

Bloomington Police Department (812) 339-4477

Housing and Neighborhood Development (812) 349-3401

(Rental property)

City of Bloomington Public Works Dept. (812) 349-3411

(Municipal facilities, signs, some private property)

Safe and Civil City Hotline (812) 355-7777

Duke Energy (800) 345-3525

Vectren Corporation (812) 491-4000