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July 2011 Suicide Prevention Coalition Minutes

Monroe County Suicide Prevention Coalition

July 28, 2011


Attending: Beverly Calender-Anderson - COB Safe and Civil City, Becky Rose, MCCSC; Kara Mahuron, Monroe County Probation; Mary Ann Macklin, Unitarian Church; Jennifer Myers, Private Practice; Matt Oliver, Centerstone; Maryjane McNabb, VA; Scott Myers, Bloomington Police Dept.; Maureen Gahan, Milestones; Jean Scallon, Bloomington Meadows Hosp.; DM Bard Ph D, IU Health; Kathy Mayer, COB Community and Family Resources Dept. Regrets: Mary Beth Roedl

Special Guest Speakers: Rick and Mary McMullen

Following the presentation Jennifer Myers introduced Dr. Bard with IU Health Bloomington

Discussion: Mary & Rick McMullen - "A Parent's Perspective" - Improving Treatment

Mary and Rick McMullen started their presentation by introducing the committee to their son Michael "Mikey". Mikey their middle son was well loved and a popular child. He was interested in Ballet and Soccer. In high school he was the Co-President of the Blm. High School North, Habitat for Humanity Society. After completing high school, he attended Evergreen State College in Washington, and then transferred to the New England School of Photography in Boston. During his time at Evergreen he started drinking. By 2008 he had became depressed and began drinking alone. He did not have a job and found it hard to leave the house. He sought help by seeing a therapist, and was prescribed Paxil for "social anxiety".

One night Mr. and Mrs. McMullen received a call from a Psychiatrist wanting to admit Mikey to their inpatient program. After speaking with the doctors he was admitted on a 48 hour stay and then released. Eight months later he was admitted to Meadows Hospital for detox and was cooperating with treatment. By 2009 he was sober and back at school, but 6 months later he went back to Lawrence Regional Hospital while Mr. and Mrs. McMullen looked for a private hospital. Mikey wanted to go home, but a security guard retained him. He was admitted against his will, and was court order to stay. At this time Mr. and Mrs. McMullen went to court and a talked with a Judge who released him to their care. Mr. and Mrs. McMullen took Mikey back to Bloomington looking for a hospital where he might be treated. The only one was Meadows Hospital and he was admitted for Detox and anxiety. At the time of his release he was instructed to do 30 day of AA. However he was unable to leave the house, so Mr. and Mrs. McMullen took him back to Meadows, but they would not longer see him because he missed one appointment and did not follow instructions on the 30 days of AA.

He went to Centerstone and seen by a therapist only; no psychiatrist. The family had questions about his medication that went unanswered. The family thought they had found all they could find available for him, and was instructed to find a private physician for his medications. They found one which seen him only once, but spoke with him several times by phone. This physician adjusted his meds over the phone.

Less than a month later he had a bad episode of delusions, and at 10:30 on May 10th he went back to Meadows. He was told they called IU Health and referred him there. He was told to go through the ER. However this was not the case. IU Health said they would not take a call from Meadows Hospital and the statement was not true. By 3am he was told he was "just fine". Mrs. McMullen was upset and wanted to know why he wasn't getting treatment. The next morning Mikey called Meadows for an appointment, but they would not see him, so he went to see the therapist at Centerstone. He had the wrong date for his appointment. At 3:15 on May 11, after drinking wine, Mikey hung himself; the day he rescheduled his appointment at Centerstone.

Mr. and Mrs. McMullen wanted to inform this group about the efforts of the Lawrence Regional Hospital. They have a program when you go the ER it triggers a community response team regardless of the patient's ability to pay. Even St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Boston has a better evaluation process. They feel the Monroe County community has limited access to mental health care, and the medical personnel lack sensitivity for patients with mental illness and additions. Patients with addictions and mental illness need extra support and care, as most of them are unable to care for themselves.

Mr. and Mrs. McMullen want to know what WE can do better. Possibly the Coalition could address these issues together. IU Health states they have agreed to work on this problem.

If anyone is interested they can find out more about Mikey on his website; Purchases of photography from this site benefit the Michael McMullen Photography Fund, IU Foundation.

Direct inquiries to

Coalition Updates


Training dates were passed out. Special note on September 4th - 10th National Suicide Prevention Week, and September 7th Indiana Fever vs. Washington Mystics game. The committee discussed restarting the Farmers Market promotions at the end of August and then every other weekend. Volunteer shift of 2 hrs are needed.

Old Business: Report for Sherri Benham: Natalie from Nicks has agreed to sponsor the coalition on the 3rd Thursday in September. The back room at the Nicks will be reserved and 10% of the sales will go to the committee. The committee will be in charge of promoting the event.

The coalition will not have a speaker for next month. The committee will review where they are now, and were they will go from here. Next meeting scheduled on August 25th, noon - 1 p.m.