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Questions from Interested Parties


  1. Who will be the key users of the externally accessible calendar?

    The public audience/users of the calendar will be visitors to the area, university students and interested residents.

    Some motivated club owners, promoters, arts events producers will be willing and able to input their own event information, although we anticipate that the bulk of the calendar input will be handled internally.

    Currently there is no defined permissions protocol or approval process.

  2. What is meant by externally accessible calendar?

    The possibility of business owners adding their own events and using an approval process before posting. We’d like to also utilize external iCal feeds to add events to our website.

  3. On what pages will the events from the Calendar be displayed?

    This is a design consideration for the respondent. We can imagine calendar information being present in some form on the homepage, a main calendar page and business profile pages, but we are not requiring a particular configuration in a proposal.

  4. What are subcalendars - who will use them, please provide detailed user stories?

    Calendars for topical areas like theatre or music and for individual venues are examples of subcalendars. Categories or tags associated with individual events are another framing of the same concept.

  5. How will you use iCal and Outlook integration - please provide detailed user-stories.

    We envision users subscribing to iCal feeds to populate their personal desktop or cloud (Google) calendars with BEAD events. City of Bloomington will use iCal feeds to populate calendars as well.

  6. For events submitted by site users, would you like them to appear immediately or do you foresee a need for a vetting system?

  7. Yes, we foresee the need for a vetting system.


  1. Please provide a detailed list of media widgets you plan to use.

    • Social Media Share This Wiget (Facebook «like», Google+, Tweet this button)
    • We would like the site to be able to handle the rise and fall of new social media applications.
    • Twitter feed
    • Possibly a javascript newsletter signup form
    • We're also very open to suggested beneficial media widgets.
  2. Will virtual tours be supplied, are you looking for vendors to create virtual tours, or are you simply asking for the ability to upload virtual tours as you create them? What would you like to achieve with wikis that isn’t currently being achieved via Bloomingpedia? Are you looking for standard wiki software to be part of the cms or do you have something special in mind?

    We’re looking for the site to be capable of such amenities as virtual tours and wikis, however we’re not looking to add these features immediately. We’re open to new ways of adding value to the user experience. As a part of the RFQ process, you can tell us what components, such as wikis, you think would most benefit our target market.


  1. Are you envisioning links to Google maps or an integration with the City’s gis database?

    Our current locations database is adapted for the google API. We envision maintaining this.


  1. Please provide a detailed list of the feeds which you would like to use for the future mobile website.

    We would like for the mobile website to be similar to the existing mobile site at The current site contains a list of events and lists of businesses divided by business type using xml feeds. The businesses also contain embedded google maps.

    We would accept different types of feeds (JSON, RSS, etc) that accomplish the same end product.

    In addition, we would like to have an RSS feed dedicated to the blog.

Content migration

  1. Please send us a sample of your MySQL tables (just a small part will be enough). We need to know the structure in order to be able to estimate this task.

  2. Do we need to migrate content from the log tables?

    The stat logging method can be different in the new system. There is no need to migrate the old data or replicate its logic.

Deliverables, Back-end, Hosting

  1. You've listed deliverables that mostly represent the graphic design and front-end components, but you did not list the actual back-end source code.

    Our preference would be for an open source CMS to be used to design the site, although we will entertain proprietary solutions.

    If the source code for an Opensource CMS instance is modified, we suggest creating a subversion or git branch. We will install the CMS on our server and merge the branch changes into the unmodified trunk version.

    If the source code is not modified, and we merely would need to upload a theme and plugins, we would expect the deliverables to include the theme and plug-in files.

  2. Is their a preference in your team for using wordpress, drupal or joomala CMS as a back bone platform? Are you looking for an open source (PHP) CMS or a Microsoft (ASP) system?

    Our server runs in a Linux environment, so Microsoft solutions will not be considered. Currently we do not have a preference for a specific open source CMS. We are willing to consider any CMS that supports our needs. The CMS and its theme and plug-ins need to be able to handle at minimum 100 requests a second with a response time of under one second.

  3. Are you set on hosting the site?

    Yes, we would like to maintain full control over the website and its hosting

  4. What are the existing visual identity elements you’d like to keep in the redesign (logo, color palette, typefaces, etc.)?

    The Logo

  5. Will content (copy and imagery) be supplied? Should the proposal include costs for content creation?

    We’re keeping most of our content and we’re not looking for a vendor to supply any.

  6. What are your main pain points with the current website?

    Data isn’t currently being used to where it has the most value as a destination website. Data, such as events, blog entries, and blog entries should be able to serve multiple functions across the site.

  7. Do you have a plan for content and when it is deployed on the site?

    We strategize as much as we can, but we can't sustain a heavy content strategy infrastructure. We’re much more interested in a strategy involving minimal content (and effort) being used to our best advantage.

  8. What about your listed example sites drew you in?

    Minimal design. The content speaks for itself and creates a snapshot of what the site and place has to offer

Goals and Target Market

  1. What are the strategic marketing goals for the website?

    Our overarching marketing goal is to drive foot traffic (and by extension, dollars) to our downtown entertainment and arts district. We've set a benchmark goal of capturing 20% of the visitor traffic that our convention and visitor's bureau site captures annually, which is is approximately 240,000 unique visits (and climbing exponentially). Therefore, we'd like to get to around 48,000-50,000 unique visitors to the site within in the next three years and be able to maintain incremental growth of between 5-10% per year after that. Let me know if you need additional information.

  2. What business goals are you accomplishing or hoping to accomplish online?

    Drive traffic to downtown Bloomington, educate people on downtown amenities

  3. Is there analytics info available?

    Here is some data we pulled together: BEAD Google Analytics 9-2010 through 9-2011 (PDF 84.03 KB)

  4. What are the target markets’ demographics (age, income, etc.)?

    45 year old female college degree full time employment, income in 60k to 100k, Indiana resident, most likely from Marion County or Illinois/Chicago area

  5. What are target markets’ psychographics (taste, lifestyle, etc.)?

    arts consumers, foodies, cultural experience fans, recreation seekers, IU parents, downtowners, boutique shoppers

  6. What is the typical site user’s number one priority when coming to the site?

    Specifically visitors, new residents, itinerary seekers looking to find out what BEAD/Downtown Bloomington offers


  1. What about advertisement on the website, do you plan to have any ads at all?

    We are open to proposals, but thus far we have not included advertising in the website.

  2. Can you please give a ballpark budget?

    The purpose of this RFQ is to solicite quotes based off of the feature set we've requested.

  3. Do you have a preference for a local vendor?

    There are no statutory limitations on the geography of the vendor

  4. How many stakeholders from would be involved in the vendor evaluation process?

    Each quote will be vetted by City employees against the goals of the project, the criteria listed, and the funds available.

  5. How many would be involved in the redesign project, and project phase/deliverable approvals?

    A small team of City staff members.

  6. How many people will be editing pages using the cms? Will they all have the same permissions? Will there be hierarchies of admin users?

    There will be staff from ITS and BEAD who will have varied privileges and upkeep responsibilities, including revolving interns. Any standard CMS would include the ability to set permissions for different user types.

  7. What are you looking for under "A straightforward, concise description of capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the project tasks identified."

    Please give us background about your organization’s experience on similar projects and your technical capabilities (programming languages, software expertise, etc)

  8. What about work plan for each identified project task.

    Give us a general idea of what you propose for each project task your team would like to work on, such as people assigned to the project, a general time frame, major milestones of the project.

  9. How will traffic be driven to the site?

    Direct advertising in regional markets, such as Louisville, INDY, IU alumni mag, American style mag all of which fit with our visitor profile

  10. How will this site differ from other entertainment and event calendar sites for Bloomington?

    Inclusive of all downtown amenities and would offer a more extensive look into each listing

  11. Have you done any user testing of the current website or audience research about content needs?

    Yes. The main desires they expressed were to slim down site and make it more Bloomington-like in its design.

  12. Do you have a launch date in mind for this website?

    No, but we’d like to have the contract underway to before the end of the year

  13. Do businesses maintain their own profiles?

    Currently no. Businesses can contact BEAD about editing their profiles or adding updates. This is something we'd consider allowing, but we expect to maintain the majority of the profiles