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Our Hometown "Our Hometown" by Ann Fields and the Boys and Girls Club of BloomingtonArtist:

Ann Fields and members of the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington summer program


exterior house paint and plywood




B-Line Trail, northwest of Rogers Street

About the Work

Older children in the 2011 Boys and Girls Clubs summer program began the mural project by painting a hilly landscape on 4' x 8' plywood panels. Younger children were provided smaller, thinner panels and asked to draw people, plants, animals, and buildings from Bloomington. An adult volunteer cut out the smaller wood pieces and the children painted their drawings. At the end, adult volunteers glued the wood pieces on and added more details to complete the mural.

Project coordinator Ann Fields said, "We wanted the mural to reflect the playfulness and diversity of Bloomington, so we let the children draw and paint what interested them. I know we thought we could unify all the pieces by having a winding road in the background, "tying" everything together. By keeping the colors simple and bright, it also helped keep the mural looking child-like and vivid."

Once it was assembled, Parks and Recreation Department staff installed the panels onto a frame. The mural is 4' high and a total of 64' long.