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October 2011 Suicide Prevention Coalition Minutes

Suicide Prevention Coalition Meeting

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Council Chambers

Meeting Attendees: Mary Beth Roedl, YMCA; Stacey McGauley, Youth Services Bureau; Becky Rose, Monroe County Community School Corporation; Maureen Gahan, Stone Belt; Donna Bard, IU Health Bloomington); Matt Oliver, Centerstone; Amanda Pardue, Centerstone; Michael James, Ivy Tech; Valerie Markley, Mental Health America/Indiana Wesleyan), La-Tisha Pirtle, City of Bloomington CFRD. Regrets: Maryjane McNabb; Dustin Nisley; Kendall Basore.

I. Planning Session (Continued from last month)

Mike stressed the importance of the SPC members having a collective understanding of the Coalition's purpose and goals in order to be effective.

The question of how the Coalition will handle funding requests from outside organizations as well as from Coalition sub-committees. There is a concern that there is not a formal procedure for making such a request

Possible Solution: If the coalition wants to fund a project or a sub-committee is requesting funds from the Coalition, a request should come from a member of the Coalition and the request would be subject to Coalition approval.


- SPC account balance = about $500.00. Matt will confirm.

- Jack Hopkins Grant will not fund this year. Possibly waiting to see if the SPC will continue to maintain a presence in the community.

- QPR Training Costs = Approx $2.00/person

Matt suggested that when presenting a QPR training for an organization that we

request an in-kind or nominal donation in order to continue serving the

community. Organizations to contact include:



IU Health Bloomington

Other major businesses


The committee will revisit the SPC budget again in the Spring once they have a better idea of what the financial needs of the Coalition are (cost of trainings etc.)

What can Coalition members bring to the table?

II. Committee Updates

A. Education and Training Committee (Becky Rose)

The Committee plans to host quarterly training opportunities which will focus on a different topic each quarter.

- December 8: 4pm-6pm: QPR Training

Target audience: individuals working in the school setting. Also open to Pinnacle, Harmony, Light House, St. Charles and other non-MCCSC schools.

- March (Date TBD) - Safe Talk training for SCIHRA (South Central Indiana

Human Resource Association)

o Amanda is Safe Talk trained and would be willing to facilitate the training and be involved with the Education/Training committee.

- June (date TBD)

- Other possible opportunities

o January: QPR training @ YMCA (will be paid for by YMCA/Mary Beth)

o Soliciting other organizations in the community who would like to provide QPR or Safe Talk training to their members or employees.

B. Awareness Committee (Matt Oliver)

This committee's goal is to help build awareness in the community about suicide prevention and the work of the Coalition. The hope is to get the word out to organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and other large

businesses/organizations by hosting or participating in quarterly efforts.

The committee will work with community based organizations to present brief presentation on topics - Safe Talk, QPR - in the form of a 15 minute "stump speech" or a brief power point to make organizations aware of available resources. They would like to tap into the various Safe and Civil City directories and listservs in order to connect with more people in the community.

They would also like to increase awareness by putting an informational article in publications such as the Chamber of Commerce's newsletter and the Non Profit Alliance newsletter.

C. Fundraising

- There will be an event at the Buskirk Chumley Theater in April. All proceeds will be donated to the SPC.

- The Dance Academy would like to partner with the Coalition for a

fundraising event with all proceeds going to the SPC.

There was discussion of annual fundraisers at Nicks, Dance Academy, etc.

III. Other Business

Matt announced that he will be leaving for a new job in Indy and will no longer be working with the Coalition.

Facebook Page - Because Jen Myers had been the coordinator of the Facebook page, someone else will need to take up the responsibility of managing/monitoring the account.

Farmer's Market - There was concern about the effectiveness of the table at the Farmers Market. Should the SPC continue attending? General consensus was to continue to have a presence at the Market with these factors in mind:

- Location of table

- Selecting strategic weekends when B-Town is busy

- Better management of sign-up sheet (who will follow up with those individuals?

Is it necessary to capture additional data from table visitors in order to be more effective?

- Donna will provide grant based data capturing sheets to group in order for everyone to decide if it's something to consider.

Central Storage Space - Beverly has offered space at City Hall for a central location for materials.

Awareness materials - Matt proposed that a small banner be purchased for display at coalition informational table at events. Becky also suggested a table cloth with the SPC logo on it.

Next Meeting: December 8 @ noon