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In discussing transportation needs, we need to consider both infrastructure (roads, bridges, sidewalks, etc.) and modes (buses, bikes, cars, pedestrians, etc.).

Transportation infrastructure is closely tied to land use, and like land use has a great impact on how people go about their daily lives. Transportation mode addresses how people make use of transportation infrastructure. The two principles are closely intertwined. For example, if you live 1/4 mile from the grocery store, but the only way to get there is on a narrow, busy road with no sidepaths or bikelanes, you're likely to drive. If there's a direct bike path, you might consider biking instead.

We can best serve the diverse needs of our population--including those who can't or don't drive--by balancing our infrastructure and otherwise facilitating all modes of transportation.

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Learn more about our sustainability indicators and targets


Targets help the community move toward longer-term goals by identifying interim steps. The following targets are to be accomplished between 2011- 2014. The first three goals below were adopted as part of the 2011 Platinum Bike Task Force report. Please see that report for additional goals.


Indicators measure general trends and track the community's efforts to become more sustainable overall.