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Applications for gun permits must be completed online or by visiting the Indiana State Police website and looking for the Firearms Licensing link on the left. Please follow the instructions provided with the application process. To be fingerprinted and pay the State fees for a firearms license application, you will need to schedule an appointment online at

Once you have completed the application online and have had your fingerprints taken electronically, applicants who live in, or own a business in, the Bloomington city limits will go to the Bloomington Police Department located at 220 East 3rd Street, during the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, to complete the application process and pay the local fees. (Applicants living outside of the city limits but in Monroe County will need to apply at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office located at 301 N. College Avenue. You must complete the online process prior to going to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, too)

Local Fees for Gun Permits, Bloomington Police Department:

4-year permit $10.00
Lifetime Gun Permit Application (with CURRENT gun permit) $40.00
Lifetime Gun Permit Application (with NO CURRENT gun permit) $50.00

After payment. the Bloomington Police Department will process your application as required by the State and transmit the application to the Indiana State Police Firearms Division.

Any questions regarding fees, types of permits, timeframe for receiving your permit, change of address or any other firearms licensing information is available on the Indiana State Police website.

NOTE: The State of Indiana has its own firearms licensing fees separate from your local fees. The State of Indiana does not accept cash or personal check.