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Farmers Market logo Dec 2012

Sunday, September 25 from 2-6:45 p.m. Bus departs City Hall at 2 p.m.

Location: Good Life Farms and Red Frazier Bison Ranch
$30 per person

Register by 9/20 (Code: 66501-A)

Don't care to register online? Fill out the program registration form and mail it with your payment to the Parks and Recreation Department. (PDF 119.49 KB)

There are no refunds after the registration deadline. Prior to the deadline, Sept. 25, there is a $3 administrative fee for cancellations.

More information: Contact Marcia at 812.349.3738 or via e-mail at

General Description

This year's fall Homegrown Indiana Farm Tour is a study in contrasts. First, we'll visit Good Life Farms, a hydroponic operation that harvests many pounds of tasty greens from tiny trays and containers in a fraction of the space that soil-based growers need to attain the same yield. Next, we'll go down the road to the Red Frazier Bison Ranch and tour an operation based on the production of these massive bovines. Bison chili and vegetarian s oup, made with locally grown and seasonal ingredients and bread, will be served at the ranch as we enjoy a view of the pastrues where these noble beasts roam.

The fall Homegrown Indiana Farm Tour is co-sponsored by the Local Growers Guild, Bloomingfoods and Harvest Moon Flower Farm, with special thanks to Muddy Fork Bakery.

Guest Tips and Itinerary

For more information about the Homegrown Indiana Farm Tour, contact the Bloomington Community Farmers' Market at or call (812) 349-3738.