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Efficient Facility Roundtable: June 5, 2013

efficient facility roundtable

When: Wednesday, June 5, 11:30am - 1:00pm (Lunch provided)

Where: City Council Chambers, City Hall, 401 N Morton St, Bloomington, IN

Who: Bloomington-area facility managers, property owners and administrators, and operations staff

Cost: $10, registration required

According to the US Green Building Council, buildings account for 40% of energy consumption in the US. Many factors, including building design, contribute to the efficiency of a building. However, facilities staff - the people who maintain and operate buildings and other facilities - are a critical component of any effort to monitor and manage buildings more efficiently.

The Efficient Facilities Roundtable will build on discussions that have taken place over the last year, and its goal is three-fold:

1) to provide local facility managers and building owners with information on monitoring and improving facilities through data management, and

2) to obtain feedback from local organizations on possible training, certfication, and other knowledge-sharing opportunities that have been researched by the City of Bloomington and Ivy Tech.

3) to provide an opportunity for local facility managers to share information and network with peers.

For more information, please call 812.349.3837 or email


11:30-11:45 Introduction and overview

11:45-12:30 Panel discussion on data management (summary of approaches by the City of Bloomington, Indiana University, the Unitarian Universalist Church, and others)

12:30-12:45 Overview of training and knowledge-sharing opportunities

12:45-1:00 Q&A and discussion

1:00 Adjourn

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