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Loan Program

You may be eligible for a home rehabilitation loan funded by federal tax dollars. This is a program funded by tax dollars that have been paid by you, your family and your neighbors. Read on for more information about how you may qualify for this no interest loan program.

An amount of up to $38,500 is available to eligible homeowners for the rehabilitation of their homes. This money can be used to fix a roof, a foundation, put in a new furnace, or any number of other items. A trained HAND staff member will assess your home's needs and advise you on the work necessary to bring your home up to code and make it a safe, decent and sanitary residence for you and your family.

Need to spruce up the exterior? We can help you with that too! Is your home historic? We can help you take your home back to its original beauty! Our conditional loan program allows up to $7,500 for exterior rehabilitation.

General Program Requirements

The HAND Department's basic qualifications include:

Loan Definitions

Deferred Loan
Requires no monthly payments, but is repaid when the occupant no longer lives in home. Interest is imposed if the property is sold before year 15.
Direct Loan
Loan is repaid in monthly installments at zero percent interest over a 15-year period of time. Interest is imposed if the property is sold before year 15.
Conditional Loan
Exterior rehabilitation only. This loan is forgiven over a 7-year period of time. If the property is sold before year 7, the entire amount of the loan is due. Offered in conjunction with the Direct or Deferred Loans only.
Income Guidelines
Applicant's income must be 80% or less of the area median income (AMI) based upon family size.

To be eligible to participate in the owner-occupied rehabilitation program, the household must be at or below 80% area median income. Click here to see if you are currently eligible. Income guidelines are subject to change.

Households with members greater than 5, please contact HAND at 349-3401 or by e-mail at

Click here (PDF 83.83 KB) for the Owner Occupied Rehab Application (pdf).