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WHEREAS, local public radio stations play a significant role in music discovery, preservation and education in America; and
WHEREAS, 180 local public radio stations around the United States have full-time music formats and more than 480 stations play music as part of their programming lineups; and
WHEREAS, local public radio stations discover and introduce emerging artists to listeners, and deepen our appreciation of music by providing valuable context about the lives and careers of artists; and
WHEREAS, public radio stations help preserve local musical traditions and reflect local values; and
WHEREAS, WFIU has broadcast quality music across south-central Indiana since 1950; and
WHEREAS, WFIU, Bloomington's local public radio station, is the only daily source of classical and jazz in our area; and
WHEREAS, WFIU's high quality local programming, including Classic Music with George Walker, Just you and Me with David Brent Johnson, Ether Game, Harmonia, Horizons in Music, Night Lights, Afterglow, and Standards by Starlight, is available to all area residents free of charge; and
WHEREAS, WFIU provides weekly programming for folk, world, new age, Celtic, and other musical genres.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mark Kruzan, Mayor of Bloomington, Indiana do hereby proclaim April 2013, as

Public Radio Music Month

In Bloomington, Indiana.

unto set my hand and caused to be affixed the
Seal of the City of Bloomington this 25th
day of March 2013.