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The City of Bloomington established a residential rental property registration and inspection program in the early 1970's. The program is administered by the City of Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development Department (HAND).

The Rental Occupancy Permit states the maximum occupant load for the individual rental unit(s). The entire city is governed by a zoning ordinance that dictates the type of land use (single vs. multi-family, commercial vs. residential) that are allowed. Typically in residential single-family zones, the maximum allowable occupancy is 1) a single family, or 2) three unrelated adults. Some properties are grandfathered for more occupants. To verify the legal occupant load for your property contact HAND.

All rental property (with the exception of Indiana University) located within the City of Bloomington corporate limits must be registered with and inspected by the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Development. Maintaining an unregistered rental carries a penalty fine of up to One Hundred Dollars ($100) per day.

If you own rental property and need to obtain a Rental Occupancy Certificate, you should:

Register your Property

Come in and fill out the Property Registration Form, or call the office to make arrangements to fill it out.

Schedule an Inspection

The property manager, maintenance person, tenant, or another authorized individual must be there to accompany the Staff Inspector during the inspection. If no one is there to accompany the inspector, a fee will be assessed, and the inspection must be rescheduled.

Schedule a Reinspection (if necessary)

After making the necessary repairs, you will need to schedule a reinspection. At this time, you or an authorized individual must again accompany the inspector.


If, during the reinspection, all items are found to be in compliance, the inspector will make a note in the file, and you will soon receive your bill for the permit/inspection fee (Note: A schedule of fees may be obtained from the HAND Department or accessed from the reference documents below).

Reference Documents

Property Registration Form (pdf)

Board of Housing Quality Appeals form (pdf) (PDF 694.50 KB)