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Filing Tort Claims

If a person wishes to file a tort claim for damages with the City of Bloomington, state law
requires that the citizen submit a written letter including specific information. Pursuant to
IC 34-13-3-12, the letter must be delivered in person or by registered or certified mail.
The letter must be delivered within one hundred eighty (180) days after the loss occurs.
The letter must include all of the following information:
1. The name and address of the claimant;
2. A short and plain statement of the facts on which the claim is based;
3. The circumstances which allegedly brought about the loss;
4. The extent of the loss;
5. The time and place the loss occurred;
6. The names of all persons involved, if known;
7. The amount of damages sought;
8. The residence of the person making the claim at the time of the loss and the time
of filing the notice;
9. The letter should be addressed to:
City of Bloomington
Legal Department
401 N. Morton St., Suite 220
P.O. Box 100
Bloomington, IN 47402
In order for the claim to be promptly handled, the letter should contain telephone
numbers and any other relevant contact information for the claimant and witnesses.
Copies of estimates, bills, receipts, photographs, etc. may also be provided.
The City of Bloomington has ninety (90) days to respond to the claim. A claim is
considered denied if the City of Bloomington fails to approve the claim in its entirety
within ninety (90) days. Pursuant to IC 34-13-3-12, a person may not initiate a lawsuit
against the City of Bloomington unless the person's claim has been denied in whole or in

For Tort Claim Information, Please Download this PDF (PDF 46.20 KB)