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City Offers Free Home Energy Assessments Through Fourth Annual Beat the Meter Blitz

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Nov. 18, 2013

For more information, please contact:

Jacqui Bauer, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Bloomington Department of Economic and Sustainable Development, 349.3837,

City Offers Free Home Energy Assessments Through Fourth Annual Beat the Meter Blitz

Bloomington, Ind. - The City of Bloomington's efforts to help residents reduce energy consumption will continue this year with the fourth annual round of free home energy assessments offered through the Beat the Meter Blitz. The limited-time program will provide free energy assessments to interested Bloomington homeowners via a lottery system.

As a result of audits done during last year's Beat the Meter Blitz, nearly 40 percent of participating households completed at least one improvement, and 12 percent completed all of the improvements included in their pledge, which they signed as part of the program.

Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND), the City's Economic and Sustainable Development Department (ESD) and Earth Care, a local organization that unites local faith communities to reduce energy use and curb climate change, are the partners behind the program.

The free assessments, awarded via a lottery system and conducted by HAND and ESD staff and Earth Care volunteers, will help homeowners determine how to prioritize energy projects. To be eligible, the home must be owner-occupied and located within the Bloomington city limits. In exchange for the free assessment, participating homeowners will be asked to sign a pledge stating their commitment to implement some of the suggested improvements.

Interested homeowners can enter the lottery by emailing their name, phone number and address to or by calling HAND at 349.3420. All lottery entries must be received before 9 a.m. on Nov. 25. Assessments will be scheduled during the second week of December.

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