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Council for Community Accessibility Decal Program Means Good Business

CCA Awards Decal


March 11, 2014

For more information, please contact:

Craig Brenner, Special Projects Coordinator, City of Bloomington Department of Community and Family Resources, 349.3471,

Katie Herron, Chair, City of Bloomington Council for Community Accessibility, 333.2074

Council for Community Accessibility Decal Program Means Good Business

Bloomington, Ind. - The City of Bloomington Council for Community Accessibility (CCA) decal program was established in 1993 to survey and recognize local businesses that are accessible to persons with disabilities. Since the inception of the decal program, 143 local businesses that met accessibility criteria required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have been awarded the "AccessAbility" decals to display in their windows or on their doors.

CCA members serve as volunteer surveyors. In addition to CCA members, Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College students have surveyed businesses after training by the CCA. This has enabled students to gain valuable hands-on experience while promoting the CCA's goal of educating the public about the needs of people with disabilities and the requirements of the ADA.

Any business may obtain a decal if it meets accessibility guidelines. These primarily address parking, entrance, access within the business, common areas, restrooms and a few other concerns. Minimum basic criteria include requirements that a business:

By displaying the decal, a business will inform the public that it welcomes people with disabilities along with all customers. If you believe that your business is accessible and would like a free consultation, or if you currently have an old AccessAbility decal and would like an updated survey and decal, contact Special Projects Coordinator Craig Brenner at or 349.3471.