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Pictures of 2015 Blooming Neighborhood Celebration

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2015 Blooming Neighborhood Celebration Pic's!

The Housing and Neighborhood Development Department of the City of Bloomington hosted the 15th Blooming Neighborhoods Celebration at the Farmer's Market on Saturday, June the 6th.

The Blooming Neighborhood Celebration gives neighborhood residents the opportunity to meet, learn and share their insights and activities with each other. Bloomington's neighborhoods all have their own distinctive charm which makes for a fun morning of exploring the neighborhoods in our community.

Here are the pictures from our Blooming Neighborhoods Celebration held on Saturday, June 6, 2015.

Arden Place 2015 Arden Place Neighborhood Association

Blue Ridge 2015 BN Blue Ridge Neighborhood Association

Broadview BN 2015 Broadview Neighborhood Association

Bryan Park 2015 BN Bryan Park Neighborhood Association

BHARC BN 2015 Bloomington Housing Authority Resident Council

Eastside BN 2015 Eastside Neighborhood Association

Elm Heights BN 2015 Elm Heights Neighborhood Associaiton

Fritz Terrace BN 2015 Fritz Terrace Neighborhood Association

Garden Hill BN 2015 Garden Hill Neighborhood Association

Grandview Hills BN 2015 Grandview Hills Neighborhood Association

Green Acres BN 2015 Green Acres Neighborhood Association

Matlock Heights BN 2015 Matlock Heights Neighborhood Association

McDoel Gardens BN 2015 McDoel Gardens Neighborhood Association

Near West Side BN 2015 Near West Side Neighborhood Association

ONE BN 2015 Old Northeast Downtown Neighborhood Association

Park Ridge BN 2015 Park Ridge Neighborhood Association

Park Ridge East BN 2015 Park Ridge East Neighborhood Association

Prospect Hill BN 2015 Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association

SoMax BN 2015 SoMax Neighborhood Association

Spicewood BN 2015 Spicewood Neighborhood Association

HAND BN 2015 Housing and Neighborhood Development

CONA BN 2015 Council of Neighborhood Associations

MIah BN 2015 Bloomington Art Commission and BEAD

Playfuyl City USA BN 2015 Playful City USA - Bloomington Park's Dept.

Oasis and I U Outreach BN 2015 Oasis & I.U. Outreach to Neighborhoods