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January 23, 2015 Internal Work Session Memo

NOTE: Formal minutes are not produced for City Council Work Sessions with the administration; however the following summarizes actions taken at the following work session.

Bloomington Common Council Work Session

Date: January 23, 2015

Meeting began at: 12:10 pm

Members Present: Andy Ruff, Steve Volan, Susan Sandberg, Dave Rollo, Dorothy Granger, Tim Mayer

Staff Present: Dan Sherman, Sue Wanzer, Margie Rice, Adam Wason Greg Small, Patty Mulvihill, Stacy Jane Rhoads

Public Present: Lindsey Erdody, Larry Jacobs

There was a quorum of council members present, which allowed them to vote on agenda items if so desired.

During this meeting the following upcoming legislation was discussed:

Item 1: Motion to cancel the regular session on Wednesday, January 28th and replace it with an Internal Work Session meeting with the Plan Commission at 7:00 pm.

Motion: Mayer Second: Rollo

Ayes: 6 Nays: 0

The meeting topic will be a discussion about changing the TIF District boundaries.

The process for changing the boundaries will be the following:

Redevelopment Commission meeting on February 2nd.

Plan Commission meeting on February 9th

City Council Committee of the Whole on February 25th

City Council Regular Session on March 4ht

The proposal would then need to return to the Redevelopment Commission in April for a public hearing

Maps of the proposed changes were distributed to council members

Item 2: Proposed amendment of utility bonds creating a $1.2 million savings

The Utilities Services Board will hear this on February 9th and it will then move to the Council by the end of February

Item 3: Quarterly Title 15 ordinance

Will not be heard by Council for a few months

Mostly minor parking changes

Steve offered to sponsor and incorporate these proposed changes with his changes that he will be presenting to council

He announced that there would be a series of meetings for staff and public with Brent Paxton from Park Mobile On February 2nd and 3rd

Meeting ended at 12:55 pm

Memorandum prepared by:

Susan P. Wanzer, DEPUTY CLERK

City of Bloomington