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Nature Programs at Griffy Lake

Griffy Lake sunset

Eco Outpost at Griffy Lake

Looking for a fun, new way to interact with the great outdoors? Visit the Eco Outpost, a hands-on place to explore nature. Check out our display of natural objects like fossils, pine cones, and seashells, and learn how you can earn Eco Bucks that can be traded for any of the objects in the Outpost's collection. Borrow an Explorer Backpack and take a fun-filled trek through the woods or your own backyard. The Eco Outpost is open during boathouse hours.

Explorer Backpack Program

Stop by the Eco Outpost at the Griffy Lake boathouse and borrow an Explorer Backpack to help you discover the wonders of nature around Griffy Lake. The backpack is filled with activities and guides that will help you and your family explore the wildlife, plants and natural features of Griffy Lake. Backpacks are free to use and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.