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City of Bloomington Releases inRoads Road Status Information Tool



June 7, 2015

For more information, please contact:

Rick Dietz, Director, City of Bloomington Information Technology Services, 812.349.3485,

City of Bloomington Releases inRoads Road Status Information Tool

Bloomington, Ind. - The City of Bloomington Information & Technology Services (ITS) Department has announced that inRoads, a new road status information tool, is now available to the public at

inRoads is a new web application that helps City staff manage information about road closings, lane reductions and sidewalk repairs. ITS has made this application available to the public so that people are able to see current and future road closings. inRoads provides several types of views for users to see road closings on a map, a list or a calendar.

Rick Dietz, ITS Director said, "One of our main goals for the inRoads application is to make these road and sidewalk closings and related information more available and accessible to the public."

Some road event information is available on the website now, but inRoads pulls it all together. In addition to viewing road information through the inRoads web application, the public may download inRoads system data in iCal, XML or JSON formats through the application. E-mail alerts are available as well. The City will also release data in the Open511 standard format in the coming weeks.

In addition to open data, inRoads is an open source application, meaning that the computer code to build it is available for anyone to review and reuse. The code can be download from the City's GitHub portal at

For more information about inRoads, visit the website or contact Information Technology Services Director Rick Dietz at or 812.349.3485.