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You can call the Middle Way House 24-hour confidential crisis line: 812-336-0846

Rape is the most serious, frightening and violent of all crimes against women. It is a crime of opportunity. If you can eliminate the opportunity, you can help decrease your chances of being a victim. A rapist can be just about anyone- you just can't recognize one on the street- so it's important to be able to recognize potentially dangerous situations. (See "Crime Prevention-Personal Safety" for tips on how to stay safe).

If You Are Attacked

Because every sexual assault is different, there are no rules that are ideal for every situation. Only you can judge what will work best. However, there are a number of options you can choose from to protect yourself.

If you think that your life is in danger, use any defense you can think of. Scream, run, fight back- do anything you think might help save your life.

If You Have Been Raped

If persuasion and resistance do not work, concentrate on your attacker's identity. Try to note and remember his race, height, weight, color and style of hair, color of eyes, etc. and any mannerisms or unusual marks. If raped, don't feel ashamed or responsible- rape is never the victim's fault! Report the crime to the police immediately. The police do not reveal the names of rape victims to the news media.

Be prepared to cooperate fully with the police. The police will assist you in obtaining medical assistance and an exam at the hospital. Bloomington Hospital has trained counselors on hand to offer support and answer questions. Questions concerning the attack must be asked in detail in order to have as much information as possible. Even if you don't think that you want to file charges against your attacker, report the crime anyway, you might change your mind later. And remember, a rapist who is successful once will try to rape again unless apprehended.

DIAL 911 to report an in-progress sexual assault. Non-emergencies call (812) 339-4477.
You may also call the Middle Way House 24-hour confidential crisis line: (812) 336-0846.