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Crime Prevention Tips

In Your Home

Burglars don't usually like to take many chances. They are opportunists who seek out the easiest places to break into. If they see a home with no lights on, the drapes open, newspapers stacked on the front porch, and mail in the mailbox, they know that their chances are pretty good for a successful burglary. On the other hand, closed drapes, lights on, and a well-trimmed lawn are signs that he probably better not try it. Let's face it, it's easier for him to go on up the block to find an easier target than to take a chance on a well protected home.

Refer to the Home Security Safety Checklist (PDF 69.08 KB)for more suggestions.

In Your Car

Personal safety and theft are your two biggest concerns involving your car. These crime prevention tips, if heeded, will help protect you from both. Don't be an easy victim!

Personal Safety

Self-protection means using good common sense. If you will follow these simple tips, you can help prevent getting yourself into potentially dangerous situations. The best defense is to use your head. Always be aware of your surroundings and alert to possible danger.