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Notice of Offering and Request for Proposals: 3.75 acres of Real Estate in The Trades District

In addition the details of this Offering Packet, interested respondents should familiarize themselves with the accompanying Request for Proposals for the subject site. All are downloadable below.

West of Rogers RFP Image

Notice (download the full Notice in the Offering Packet below) is hereby given by the Departments of Economic and Sustainable Development (ESD) and Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) that on December 7, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. local time (EST), the Bloomington Redevelopment Commission (RDC) will-in the McCloskey Room of Bloomington City Hall, 401 N. Morton St., Bloomington, Indiana-open and consider written offers for the purchase of certain real estate within The Trades District, described in more detail below (the "Property").

The RDC is willing to entertain proposals for the purchase of all or part of the Property for the purposes described in this notice and associated Request for Proposals. The offer should meet the conditions set forth below and in the attached. Addenda will be posted to this webpage.

Deadline: 12 noon, December 7, 2015

Property Descriptions and Information

A. The Property generally consists of the parcels owned by the RDC within The Trades District that are west of North Rogers Street, south of West 11th Street, east of Bender Lumber, and north of the B-Line Trail.

B. The Property specifically consists of the following parcels, identified by their State Tax ID Numbers:

C. The real estate is zoned CD - Commercial Downtown; Showers Technology Park Overlay.

Download the Offering Packet (Notice of Offering, Offering Sheet, Instructions to Bidders) and Request for Proposals

Addenda (Additional files may be posted here through the question period of the RFP/Notice)

Information, File or Document Date Posted

Survey and Topographical Information:

Note: Survey and topographical information for the 3.75 acres subject site is included within these files, which extends beyond the boundaries of the subject site.


Stormwater and Utility Planning Documents, completed for City of Bloomington 11.2014

Note: These recommended stormwater and utility plans include recommendations for the subject site but also expand beyond the boundaries of the subject site.

Phase I ESA Report, completed for City of Bloomington, 03.2014 - 04.2014


Phase II ESA Report, completed for City of Bloomington, 08.2014 - 09.2014


Supplemental ESA Report, completed for City of Bloomington, 02.2015


Additional Environmental Information: Environmental Consultant Remediation Planning Recommendations, completed for City of Bloomington, 06.2015