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Urban Enterprise Association Invests in Students through Educational Grants


Oct. 23, 2015

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Jason Carnes, Assistant Director, Economic & Sustainable Development Department; Director, Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association, 812.349.3418

Urban Enterprise Association Invests in Students through Educational Grants

Bloomington, Ind. - The Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association (BUEA) awarded $33,050 to the Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools (FMCCS) for the 2015-16 school year, in an effort to support local schools serving students in the Urban Enterprise Zone.

The technological and educational grants will go toward resources for Fairview, Templeton, Summit, Tri-North and the Bloomington Graduation School.

"The BUEA is now in our 13th year of providing school grant funds aimed at increasing the learning and future earning potential of school children in the Zone," said BUEA President Jack Baker. "This is an investment in the future and we're happy to be a partner with the school foundation to enhance their impact."

Fairview, Summit and Templeton elementary schools received funding for an array of resources to help students meet and exceed state standards in writing, reading and math. Many of the supplemental curriculum materials are one-time purchases that can be used in the classroom for years to come, and most will assist youth needing additional practice in one or all subjects. For example, $4,369 will be spent to provide Templeton with approximately 240 age-appropriate low level reading books. This grant serves a critical need - almost 60 percent of Templeton's students are currently reading below grade level and students are eager to read books they find interesting.

"The resources purchased with this grant will impact student learning and focus on literacy needs for the children," said FMCCS Executive Director Cyrilla Helm. FMCCS's goal is to enhance educational opportunities for children and better prepare studentsfor graduation and career readiness.

Grant funding for literacy instruction kits were also awarded to Tri-North Middle School and the Bloomington Graduation School (BGS), an alternative based high school designed to give students a more personalized education plan in a smaller school setting. Most students at BGS were not on track to graduate in four years in a traditional school setting. The materials provided with grant funding will help boost students' confidence in reading.

Educational attainment is also a pivotal priority under BUEA's mission to improve the economic, physical and social environment for Zone residents, businesses and organizations.

The complete list of grants are as follows:

About the Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools

The Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools (FMCCS) has been enhancing educational opportunities for the educators and students of the MCCSC since 1973. To learn more about the foundation visit

About the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association

The Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association provides the means to improve the economic, physical and social environment for Zone residents and businesses and contributes to economic development efforts in Bloomington's urban core. The Enterprise Zone operates in accordance with Indiana State Code and offers a variety of programs to Zone businesses, including low interest loans for business rehabilitation and historical fa├žade improvements, tax deductions and entrepreneurial assistance. In addition to technological and educational grants, BUEA offers scholarships to college or university students residing in the Zone to increase those students' economic independence.For more information on BUEA's programs and incentives, visit their website at or call 812.349.3418.