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Environmental Resources Advisory Council

The Environmental Resources Advisory Council (ERAC) is made up of six regular voting member, and three special non-voting members representing the City of Bloomington's Environmental Commission, Indiana University's Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Education programs, and the City of Bloomington Utilities Service Board. One special, non-voting member serves as the liaison from the Bloomington City Council.

The Environmental Resource Advisory Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of Park Commissioners in all policy matters pertaining to the operations of City natural areas or facilities. The ERAC also assists in the formulation of policies relating to the use and protection of environmentally sensitive and natural areas.

The ERAC also works closely with the Environmental Commission, the City of Bloomington Tree Commission, and local public, private, and semi-private organizations in a mutually cooperative manner for the betterment of the environment.

The Environmental Resources Advisory Council (ERAC) meets the second Wednesday of every even-numbered month from 4:30-6 p.m. at the following locations.

ERAC Meetings

2017 ERAC Members

Apply to become a member of the Environmental Resources Advisory Council (PDF 20.22 KB)

Member Term Expires
Cem Basman 2018
Jeff Ehman 2018
Bill Jones 2018
Brett Lackey 2018
Melissa Laney 2019
Cathy Meyer 2019
David Parkhurst 2019
Dave Rollo City Council liaison
Elizabeth Tompkins, Parks and Recreation Department Staff Liaison