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May 11, 2016

We at the City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) work hard to identify ways that we can control our costs while continuing to provide high-quality services, and make continuous improvements to our water and sewer systems. Even so, the costs of maintaining and enhancing these two large utilities increase every year, while our water and sewer rates have been unchanged since 2011.

There is a real need to replace our aging water and sewer infrastructure. Replacing water distribution infrastructure will reduce costly and disruptive main breaks, and conserve our water by reducing water loss. Sewer system improvements will fully eliminate sanitary sewer overflows, events which pollute our environment when rain overburdens our system. Water quality in Monroe Lake, our only source of water, continues to slowly change over time, and CBU must be able to respond by improving our water treatment processes. We are confident we can meet those challenges in the months and years to come, but we will need your input and your support.

Earlier this year, we began the process of reviewing our rate structures, as well as the capital needs required to meet our goals of excellence in the delivery of water and sewer services, critical to health and public safety in our community. As we write this, a report is being finalized which will detail this information and the recommendations.

The report will be presented to our community, to the Utility Service Board, and to the Bloomington City Council throughout May and June. Look for it at, too. We welcome input at the public meetings, and via e-mail, phone, or website as listed on your monthly bill.

We look forward to sharing more and hearing from you in the weeks to come.

--- Vic Kelson, Director, City of Bloomington Utilities

May 2016 Water and Sewer Rate presentation to the Utilities Service Board (PDF 6.85 MB)

Petition to the IURC - Bloomington rates 2016.09.22 (PDF 25.79 MB)