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Earth Day Energy Disclosure Announcement 4/22/16

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our society today.

Bloomington has reacted to the many threats to our environment by acting on our progressive values.

But there's more to be done. In Bloomington, commercial, industrial, and multifamily buildings make up roughly 60% of the community's energy consumption, and we need to find ways to make this sector more efficient.

Therefore, on this Earth Day, I am pleased to announce two actions for continued protection of our environment.

First, I will ask the Bloomington City Council to approve an ordinance that will require buildings of significant size to report on their energy usage each year, to allow benchmarking and increase public awareness. This will help identify outliers and can improve overall energy efficiency in the City.

Energy disclosure ordinances have been passed in at least 14 cities across the US. These ordinances allow communities and building owners to:

Cities enacting these ordinances include (with estimated energy reduction where available):

By sharing aggregated building data, year-by-year, we can all be more aware of opportunities for efficiency and measure our community's progress in fighting climate change.

Second, the City will soon launch a request for qualifications to enter into a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract to evaluate energy and water savings opportunities in all City-owned facilities.

I look forward to working with council and other partners on both of these initiatives. For those of you here today, I encourage you to find out how you can contribute in your own home by learning more about the Monroe County Energy Challenge and signing up for a free home assessment. Happy Earth Day.