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About the Parking Commission

The purpose of the Parking Commission is, in coordination with decision-makers and other entities as is necessary or prudent: (1) to develop, implement, maintain, and promote a comprehensive policy on parking that takes into account the entirety of, and furthers the objectives of, the city’s comprehensive plan; and (2) to coordinate parking activities, to carry on educational activities in parking matters, to supervise the preparation and publication of parking reports, to receive comments and concerns having to do with parking matters, and to recommend to the common council and to appropriate city officials ways and means for achieving the city’s comprehensive plan objectives through the administration of parking policies and the enforcement of parking regulations.

Statutory Authority: Ordinance 16-22

At least once a month

Please check the city's government calendar for exact dates and times.


Appointee Appointed By Term Expiration Date
Jim Blickensdorf Common Council 2018-01-31
Adrienne Evans Fernandez Common Council 2019-01-31
Faith Hawkins Common Council 2018-01-31
Stephen Volan Council Ex-Officio 2018-01-31
Donna Disque Mayor 2018-01-31
Randy Lloyd Mayor 2018-01-31
Mary Jo Shaughnessy Mayor 2019-01-31
Mark Need Mayor 2018-01-31
Josh Desmond Mayor 2018-01-31