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Frank Southern Ice Arena is CLOSED for the season.
See you in October 2016! Frank Southern penguin

Ice Information Hotline: (812) 349-3741
Ice Arena Phone: (812) 349-3740

Ice Arena Staff

Sports Division Director: John Turnbull, (812) 349-3712
Ice Arena General Manager: Dee Tuttle, (812) 349-3762
Ice Arena Maintenance Supervisor: Hsiung Marler, (812) 349-3742

Ice Arena Calendar & Master Ice Schedule

Calendar icon Click here for the 2015-16 Master Ice Schedule

Meet our Frank Southern Ice Arena Park Partners!

Stephens Honda for TLRC IU Credit Union logo
Sylvan for TLRC Bloomington Blades
Osmon for TLRC Michelle Gregory Attorney
AquaPro BuffaLouies logo
Ray Skillman Hoosier Ford