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Gibson Morales Lopez Mota

Hola Bloomington is . . .

a volunteer powered community Spanish language radio program that provides a communication medium for Bloomington's Spanish speakers to share their views and have access to information about topics relevant to them. Hola Bloomington is a project of the City of Bloomington Community and Family Resources Department and WFHB Community Radio to bring access to news, entertainment, and public opinion to the Spanish speaking members of our community.

To participate in Hola Bloomington as a sponsor, volunteer or guest contact Latino Office Programs. (812)-349-3860,

On the Air . . .

Every Friday Evening from 6-7 pm on WFHB 91.3 FM and 98.1 FM, followed by two hours of Latin music on Hora Latina, 7-9 pm.

Did you miss this week's show? Click here to listen now to the podcast of current or past episodes of Hola Bloomington. You can also subscribe to the podcast, download episodes or email them to a friend.


WFHB community radio is a volunteered powered and supported station. WFHB exists to provide a neutral community forum for the exchange and discussion of ideas and issues, and to celebrate and increase awareness of local cultural diversity. For more information about WFHB, please visit

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