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Online Mapping and Location Tools

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The City of Bloomington offers serveral ways to access map information about our community and City services.

City Map Gallery

The Map Gallery contains static maps that can be viewed online or downloaded for your personal use.

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map is a web based mapping application that allows you to view, search and query map information from the City's Geographic Information System(GIS).

City Locations

City Locations is an online tool that allows you to search for City Government and Community venues, view them on a map and find descriptive information about the site. Looking for the location a playground, a Wi-Fi hotspot, or the venue for an event? Try using the City Locations Tool.


myBloomington is a service offered by the City of Bloomington ITS Department to find local information related to a street address. The information reported comes from the City of Bloomington Geographic Information System (GIS) and related databases. Try out your address!

Public Map and Data Requests

The public may request copies of maps and GIS digital data for a fee. Or you may download raw GIS data from our website.

Other sites that provide local maps

Visit Bloomington - See Maps and Transportation & Virtural Visitor Guide

IU Bloomington Visitor Center

Bloomington in 3D

View Bloomington in 3-D. A 3-D model was created from building elevation data collected during a recent GIS data update project that utilized the Digital Elevation Model and Color Orthophotography taken by the State of Indiana.

Local Mapping & GIS Related Links